Relational Being – The Retreat

Explore, Enhance and Refine your Art of Relating

06. – 13. September 2018, Hidden Paradise, Andalusia

We welcome you to a one week journey in the mountains of Southern Spain.
Enjoy a holiday atmosphere with like-minded people among the elements of nature.

We invite you to:

Explore the way you relate to the environment, to each other, and to your true self
Enhance your relationships, from the workplace to the bedroom
Refine your communication skills and expression – even beyond words


Is this retreat for you?

Do you seek more authentic connections, from light and playful to deep and meaningful?

Do you recognise similar patterns in different relationships?

Do you perceive relationships as an opportunity for personal growth?

If so, then we encourage you to read on!

What makes this retreat unique?

This journey is designed for you to rejuvenate and relax, which is an important base to connect from.

We can only learn something new and develop sustainably from a place of “Relaxation & Vacation”. Many (relationship) opportunities aren´t available under stress and within rigid boundaries!

Even from a neurophysiological perspective, we can only truly relate when are in a relaxed, “regulated” state, the so-called social engagement sector (SES) of our nervous system.

With the intention to support the social engagement sector of our nervous system, we designed a special program to guide your learning in a relaxed atmosphere. From Yoga and Meditation, Non-Violent Communication over to Massage, Trauma Therapy and Sensuality – we want to enhance your unique Art of Relating.

What will you learn?

Besides re-energising and enjoying a holiday atmosphere.. 😉

We offer guided activities, conceptual background knowledge, and space for you to learn underlying principles from your own experiences.

  • Body scans, meditation and breathing techniques to develop self-awareness and regulation
  • Massage techniques on land, in water and even up in the air – to relax, build trust & connection
  • Communicating for emotional release versus communicating for connection
  • Distinguish perceptions from interpretations and learn to express them clearly
  • Discern Feelings from Emotions and understand why this is important when relating
  • Feel and express your needs and desires, to create nourishing relations
  • Listen, perceive and interpret body (language) and inner states
  • Recognize and understand states of the nervous system (fight/flight/freeze) and its importance for social engagement
  • Physiological and emotional regulation for healthy boundaries, as a base for connection
  • Become aware of your patterns and dynamics, not to re-create destructive relationships
  • Understand principles of pulsation = aliveness, with the natural movement of contraction and expansion
  • Notice it within yourself and your relationships to go with the flow and guide it with awareness
  • Learn to be with more energy, feelings and emotions in yourself and with another, enjoy your full aliveness!

Let us go beyond our concepts of relationship – and move towards “Relational Being”.

Activities and Schedule

  • For the early birds, each day begins with tailored Yoga and Meditation
  • Enjoy a vegetarian breakfast with a view of the valley, and on clear days, the Mediteranean Sea and Africa can be seen
  • Daily 3.5 hour workshop invites you to follow a red thread and go deeper into the above mentioned themes.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan meals are cooked by the Hidden Paradise staff from homegrown fruits, vegetables and local produce.
  • During breaks you can relax by the pool, take walks in the surrounding hills, take a nap, interact by the fireplace, etc.
  • Guest facilitators will offer parallel workshops in the afternoons offering more variety to suit your current flow, such as circling, authentic relating games, floating, etc.
  • Evenings will be open for singing, ecstatic dancing, massage jams, etc.
  • Additionally, you can book private therapeutic and wellness sessions during your stay. There will be Aquatic Bodywork, Thaimassage, OsteoThai, and more.

Facilities & Surroundings

Hidden Paradise is set up to meet your needs at all times. Two round workshop halls with large glass windows overlook the valley. Shared community space, cottages, tree houses and two pools are spread along the valley, providing sufficient space to roam, relax and interact.

This allows you to consciously come in and out of contact, within a safe container held for you by nature, the venue and ourselves. We encourage you to listen to your body and follow your intuition, curiosity and interest. Slow down and take time to feel.

We fell in love with „Hidden Paradise“ at first sight. We would love to share this special place with you – click here to get „an impression“.

Who are the facilitators?

Pascal Beaumart, Sahra Anisha and Friends.
This retreat has been developed from a combination of both Pascal and Sahra´s interests, competences and personal relationship.

Pascal Beaumart

has been working for almost 20 years as a therapist and 10 years as a facilitator and trainer. As founder of the Holistic Bodywork approach, he has combined cutting edge science and ancient healing arts dating back thousands of years. His experience in physical, psycho-emotional and energetic therapy as well as meditation and communication, create a space in which healing, health and being whole – becomes the normal state. A state in which body, mind and soul can unfold into their fullest potential.

Sarah Anisah

was born into a mixed family in London of both Austrian and Egyptian descent, and grew up in a multi-cultural background. Being raised trilingual, she developed a capacity and interest in cross-cultural communication, and working with diversity and conflict. Working as a language teacher, youth counselor and massage therapist, she travelled through Egypt, Spain, Thailand, India and Japan. Currently, Sarah facilitates women circles and workshops on conscious touch, embodiment and authentic communication in Berlin.

We, Sarah and Pascal, have been in a „relationship“ for over 3 years and continuosly cultivate the art of our relating. This is supported by many concepts and goes beyond such concepts. We enjoy being in relation and invite you to cultivate your art of relating – becoming more whole – as a relational being 🙂

„Life is “being in relation. To me, Sexuality is a fundamental part of relationships, that does not just begin with a partner, but rather with being in connection with yourself, your own body, the enviroment and each other“.

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Silvana’s DJ-sets usually flow like a wave through all sorts of music styles which will touch your heart, pump energy through your body and make you jump up and down in pure joy.

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She allows herself to be moved by life, her encounters and relationships. She loves moving with all her heart. She connects moving and being moved as an (Acro) Yoga Teacher , Holistic Bodyworker and Physical Therapist.

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Practical Information

Course Price:

Early Bird – till Feb 28th €490
Lazy Bird- till June 30th €590
Regular – from July 1st €690

Food & Accommodation
€390 Full Board, all inclusive of 3x vegetarian meals/day + accommodation

More info will be sent to you after registration.

Hidden Paradise – Órgiva, La Alpujarra, Southern Spain

How to get there:

Flights to Malaga

Book via Easyjet
Check flights on Skyscanner

Shuttle service from Malaga to Hidden Paradise (approx. €35-€38)


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