Thai Massage and Holistic Bodywork Trainings

Holistic Bodywork Training 2017/18, Germany

This is an internationally certified training for all those working with human beings. It is specifically directed towards bodyworkers, yoga & acroyoga teachers, psycho and trauma therapists and coaches of all kinds. It is also open to those wanting to begin their journey towards deeper embodiment, self actualisation and empowerment.

Module #1

Embodiment, Manifestation
& Alignment

Wustrow, Königshorst
27.10 – 01.11.2017

Arriving in Embodiment
& Alignment

Module #2

Being Fully

Wustrow – Königshorst
14 – 19 December 2017

Relating, Expansion
& Contraction

Module #3

& Wholeness

Wustrow, Königshorst
01 – 06 March 2018

Why we need areas of
tension for growth

Module #4

Touching Organs –
Freeing Emotions

Wustrow, Königshorst
31.05 – 05.06.2018

Work with the interdependence of body,
energy and emotions

Module #5

Integrating Transformation
Into Everyday Life

Wustrow, Königshorst
23 – 28 August 2018

Therapeutic Relationship, Transitions and Empowerment

What is Holistic Bodywork?
Who is this training for?
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