What is Holistic Bodywork?

Holistic-Bodywork (HB) is a somatic approach to holistic body-based therapy.

We believe that every person is unique – and every topic somebody comes to you with is as unique and multifaceted. 

To treat people holistically with the real issues they come with, we need holistic skills, knowledge and tools. 

Holistic Bodywork combines
and teaches just that:

What does Holistic Bodywork combine?


  • with the simplicity and beauty of Thaimassage

  • the anatomical precision of Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

  • and the subtlty of Cranio-Sacral. 

Coaching &

  • to understand what your clients really want

  • build a safe therapeutic relationship with them

  • and support your bodywork with precise questions

up to date
Trauma Therapy

  • to support your clients in working with their old emotions & trauma 

  • and to sustainably let go of the physical & psychological patterns of the past. 


  • the approach has a spritual foundation 

  • that includes the whole being

  • to fully touch the person you work with

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