Holistic Bodywork Training: Year 1
Traumasensitive Bodywork & Therapy

To work with people holistically,
you need holistic
skills, tools and knowledge.

We teach just that.

We teach


  • with the simplicity and beauty of Thaimassage

  • the anatomical precision of Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

  • and the subtlty of Cranio-Sacral. 

Coaching &

  • to understand what your clients really want

  • build a safe therapeutic relationship with them

  • and support your bodywork with precise questions

Up to date
Trauma Therapy

  • to support your clients in working with their old emotions & trauma 

  • and to sustainably let go of the physical & psychological patterns of the past. 


  • the approach has a spritual foundation 

  • that includes the whole being

  • to fully touch the person you work with

What will you learn?


  • use your whole body as a tool – to treat and perceiving in real time. 

  • learn to discern physical structures (muscles, joints, fascia, organs all the way to the nervous system) and how to work with each one precisely 

  • Learn to custom tailor Thai-Massage techniques to yourself as a therapist and your clients individually. These techniques include insights from Osteopathy, Cranio-Sacral and Physiotherapy aswell as different Trauma approaches and TCM.


  • learn to read, interpret and use body language  & fascial expressions 

  • develop your communication-skills, verbally and non-verbally 

  • explore and understand the connection between physical structures, emotions, energy, beliefs and identity.  

Trauma Therapy

  • Learn to regulate your own nervous system and help clients to discharge and integrate old charge, to return to regulation 

  • grasp different approaches to working with Shock- and Developmental- Trauma

  • consciously work with the interconnectivity of emotional states, posture and movement. understand the most important protective patterns and how to make them superfluous. 


  • Learn to perceive and treat energy (lines). This includes the 10 Sen-lines from Thaimassage, meridians from TCM and the connection to organs and fascial-trains 

  • expand your perception, learn to discern it from your judgments to then form interpretations from the depth of your awareness  

  • develop a meditation-practice to cultivate deeper states of being. 


Who is this Training for?

For people who want to offer bodywork and body-based therapy professionally and for those who want to safely support sustainable growth in others.

This training is specially designed for people who have questions like:

  • How can I cultivate my own growth & health holistically?
  • And how can I holistically support others in their developmental and healing processes?
  • How are physical and emotional problems connected?
  • And how is this influenced by the relationship I have towards myself and others?

People, who are confronted with challenges like:

  • not understanding, why the same techniques work with some clients and make things worse with others.
  • hitting walls in their own practice and wanting to go beyond it.
  • topics coming up they do not know how to deal with (professionally with clients and with themselves)
  • being able to offer clear contact and a stable therapeutic relationship to their clients.
  • and feeling safe in their Sessions and professional offering.

Who want to take a step towards their goal:

  • growing as a person and a therapist.
  • being able to perceive themselves and their clients holistically on all levels of their being.  .
  • based on that understanding how they can really help somebody in their growth.
  • and then – intuitively and safely based on up to date knowledge – working precisely.
  • who want to learn this in a growing community of therapists, bodyworkers and interested humans.
  • to sucessfully bring their work to the world and do what they love.

What makes Holistic Bodywork Training unique?

The training encompasses many facets of being human, drawing on knowledge from fields that are otherwise often separated. In this quest we are integrating both cutting edge science and ancient healing arts dating back thousands of years:

  • Hands On techniques are derived mostly from Thai Massage but also integrating knowledge from Osteopathy, Craniosacral and more
  • Leading Trauma Knowledge
  • Working with emotions
  • Relational Practices
  • And more

Beyond gaining knowledge, Holistic Bodywork also focuses on the growth of the therapists and participants in the training.

The base of your learning in this course will be your inner work – and as you grow towards more wholeness and understanding of your own process, your capability to be with others on their own journey will expand and deepen.

The more you grow in awareness as a therapist, bodyworker and human being, the better you will be able to sense where the protagonist is and what is needed in each treatment.

One goal of the training is to support you in bringing your insights, learnings and experiences into your daily life. The complete training is designed according to the principles taught. And it is supported by a pioneering teaching design. Both during the modules and between the modules:

How is the Training structured?

  • Explicit preparation and integration for the In-Person-Modules.
  • Clear learning steps and tasks, supported through professional software.
  • Connection and support through private Chat groups.
  • Individual support and feedback to questions, case studies, challenges etc.
  • Organizes practice sessions in Berlin.  
  • Webinars, Videos, Exercises, articles for background knowledge, guided meditations and access to an extensive library of Videos, books, ebooks and audios.
  • Hier erhältst Du all die Videos aus dem Modul, um die Techniken & Themen, die Dich am meisten interessieren zu vertiefen und wiederholen.

  • Du erhältst Videos, Handouts und Bücher um Dich auf das nächste Modul vorzubereiten.

  • Wir richten eine Chatgruppe ein, damit Du Fragen stellen kannst (zu Klienten, Übungen, Themen…) und  schnelle Antworten kriegst – oder einfach mit den anderen Menschen im Kontakt bleibst.

  • Es gibt monatliche Live-Übungstreffen in Berlin,

  • und wir halten regelmäßige Webinare, um online die Kommunikations-Tools und die Hintergrundthemen zu vertiefen.

Practical Information

Holistic Bodywork Practitioner Training

Year 1 of the International Holistic Bodywork Therapist and Instructor Training

Year 1 Dates 2024 / 2026
30 residential training days :

Module 1: Tue. 12. – Sun. 17. Nov. 2024
Module 2: Tue. 28. Jan. – Sun. 02. Feb. 2025
Module 3: Tue. 10. – Sun. 15. June 2025
Module 4: Tue. 07. – Sun. 12. Oct. 2025
Module 5: Tue. 03. – Sun. 08. Feb. 2026

Arrival from 14:00 on the first day; Leaving around 14:00 on the last day.

7:30 – 8:45 Morning – Movement

8:45 – 9:45 Breakfast

10:00 – 13:45 Morning – Session

13:45 – 14:45 Lunch

15:00 – 15:15 Dance

15:15 – 18:30 Afternoon – Session

18:45 – 19:30 Dinner

ab 20:00 open evening
(Practice, Demo-Sessions, AcroYoga, Dance, Talks, Sauna …)

Location: Holistic Bodywork Ausbildungszentrum, Seminarhof Drawehn, in Wendland (between Berlin, Hamburg & Hannover)

Food & Accommodation: Our vegetarian-vegan based meals are prepared with love and adapted to our wishes and needs. Please note that this is paid separately and directly at the venue.

Prices per person, per day according to the following options:

Food & Accommodation starting from 65,00€/night (2024) in dormitories, 75,00€/night (2024) in Double Rooms and 95,00€/night (2024) in Single Rooms.

* Prices for 2025 & 2026 can only be announced in the course of 2024 or 2025, adjusted to the inflation rate applicable at the time.

Each module consists of 5 days and costs will be paid directly at the venue.


3750 for the complete training
  • Participation of all 5 modules
  • Individual support during the modules
  • 250-page manual
  • Handouts for techniques, principles &
             background knowledge
  • Access to the HB library with specialised
             literature during the entire training
  • Edited videos of all techniques and lectures
             recorded during the training, as well as module preparation and integration materials
  • Webinars for module preparation and integration as well as personal support during self-study-modules
  • Get your questions answered by the HB team
  • Private chat group for questions, case studies & social communication
  • Hands-Off online practice sessions for coaching and traumatherapy tools
  • Hands-On practice sessions for bodywork and therapy in several cities and online
  • Buddy and peer-group exercises
  • Examination fee included


3290 for the 5 modules of the training
  • Participation of all 5 modules
  • Individual support during the module
  • 250-page manual
  • Handouts for techniques, principles &
             background knowledge
  • Access to the HB library with specialised 
             literature during each module
  • Not included
  • Not included
  • Not included 
  • Not included
  • Not included
  • Not included
  • Not included


Registration and Payment before 28th of January 2024

Professional-Paket: 3550€
(modular: 5 x 725€)

Standard-Paket: 2990€
(modular: 5 x 615€)

Registration and Payment before 29th of September 2024

Professional-Package: 3750€
(modular: 5 x 765€)

Standard-Package: 3290€
(modular: 5 x 675€)

Registration and Payment after 29th of September 2024

Professional-Package: 3950€
(modular: 5 x 805€)

Standard-Package: 3490€
(modular: 5 x 715€)

Who is the teacher?

Pascal Beaumart is trained in Physio & Traumatherapy as well as Osteopathy. He studied  more than 1000 hrs of Thaimassage in Thailand and completed the internationally recognised teacher training certification.
Pascal has been working as a professional bodyworker since 1994 and became an instructor for bodyworkers and therapists in 2006. He has trained and taught over 2500 people for more than 1500 days.

Would you like more information or a personal conversation?

Schedule a call with Pascal to answer your questions.

We are happy to support you on your journey

Your Holistic-Bodywork Team