Time & Space For You

You are welcome just as you are. We offer you this time and space for your growth and healing.

What is a session like?

However you are doing, whatever your concern, wish, problem or need may be – all is welcome. Together we can find a setting that fits you. 

A Holistic Bodywork Session is best suited for people who want to attend to specific topics of their life. We use a custom-fitted combination of methods to optimally support you in the best way suited to you. 

If you are interested in a session according to a specific methodology, you can find different practitioners and the various methods we offer below. 


Which methods do we offer?

  • Custom-tailored sessions
  • Thai-Massage
  • Holistic Physiotherapy
  • Deep Coaching
  • Trauma-therapy
  • Therapeutic Flying
  • Floating
  • Chi Nei Tsang / Karsai
  • Asian Oil Massage
  • Reflexology
  • … and more

Every Practitioner has different strengths and offers. Find the person suited for your needs below. 


Welche Methoden bieten wir an?

  • Maßgeschneiderte Sessions
  • Thai-Massage
  • Ganzheitliche Physiotherapie
  • Tiefes Coaching
  • Trauma-Therapie
  • Therapeutisches Fliegen
  • Floating
  • Chi Nei Tsang / Karsai
  • Asiatische Ölmassage

Wie kannst Du eine Session buchen?

  • Finde einen Behandler, der Dich interessiert
  • oder finde die Methode, die Dich interessiert und einen Behandler, der diese anbietet.
  • Kontaktiere den Behandler über die persönliche Seite.

Holistic Bodywork Practitioners



Location: Berlin, Wendland and online

Field of Expertise: 
Holistic Treatments

Location: Hamburg

Field of Expertise: 
Thai massage, yoga and holistic physiotherapy

Location: Heidelberg or online

Field of Expertise: Trauma-sensitiv Bodywork & Coaching, Thaimassage

Location: Hamburg

Field of Expertise:
Bodywork, Therapeutic Flying and Coaching

Location: Online and Wendland

Field of Expertise: Bodywork and Coaching

Monthly Supervision Offer

Every month two of our trainees offer a small number of supervision sessions.

These are sessions on topics that supports their professional development. As part of the training, the sessions serve as the basis for supervision and further coaching.

They also offer an inexpensive way to have face-to-face sessions and learn about different treatment styles.

Location: Rahden & online

Supervision offer: Coaching and trauma-sensitive Bodywork

Location: Online 

Supervision offer: Coaching

Advanced Participants of our Trainings

Location: Osnabrück/Augsburg or online

Field of expertise:
Coaching, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Treatment, Bodywork


Location: Hannover

Field of expertise:

Location: Rahden or online

Field of expertise:
Thai-Massage, Yoga, Coaching, Meditation

Location: Berlin

Field of expertise:

Location: Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Field of expertise:
Thaimassage and Lomi Lomi

Location: Leipzig

Field of expertise: 4 Element Coaching, Holistic Bodywork with voice and movement, traditional Thai massage

Location: Leipzig and online

Field of expertise:
Trauma-sensitive Bodywork and Coaching

henrike 500-1


Location: coming soon

Field of expertise: coming soon

Location: Online 

Field of expertise: Coaching

Location: Berlin and Online

Field of expertise: Coaching zu Deinen Wünschen in 2021

Location: Berlin

Field of expertise:
Holistic Bodywork, Sexological Bodywork

Location: Basel (Switzerland)

Field of expertise:
Holistic Bodywork

Location: Online via TeleHealth

Field of expertise:
Trauma-Sensitive Coaching

Location: Berlin

Field of expertise:
Bodywork for women

Location: Dresden and Online

Field of expertise: Coaching