Time & Space For You

You are welcome just as you are. We offer you this time and space for your growth and healing.

What is a session like?

However you are doing, whatever your concern, wish, problem or need may be – all is welcome. Together we can find a setting that fits you. 

A Holistic Bodywork Session is best suited for people who want to attend to specific topics of their life. We use a custom-fitted combination of methods to optimally support you in the best way suited to you. 

If you are interested in a session according to a specific methodology, you can find different practitioners and the various methods we offer below. 


Welche Methoden bieten wir an?

  • Maßgeschneiderte Sessions
  • Thai-Massage
  • Ganzheitliche Physiotherapie
  • Tiefes Coaching
  • Trauma-Therapie
  • Therapeutisches Fliegen
  • Floating
  • Chi Nei Tsang / Karsai
  • Asiatische Ölmassage

Wie kannst Du eine Session buchen?

  • Finde einen Behandler, der Dich interessiert
  • oder finde die Methode, die Dich interessiert und einen Behandler, der diese anbietet.
  • Kontaktiere den Behandler über die persönliche Seite.

Holistic Bodyworkers



Live sessions currently fully booked 3 months in advance. Online sessions are sometimes also earlier possible.

Location: Berlin, Wendland and online

Field of Expertise: 
Holistic Treatments

Location: Osnabrück/Augsburg or online


Field of expertise:
Coaching, Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Treatment, Bodywork.                                                                                                    


Location: Nürnberg                                       


Field of expertise:

Location: Rahden or online

Field of expertise:
Thai-Massage, Yoga, Coaching, Meditation

Location: Berlin

Field of expertise:

Location: Heidelberg or online

Field of Expertise: Trauma-sensitiv Bodywork & Coaching, Thaimassage

Location: Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Field of expertise:
Thaimassage and Lomi Lomi                                                      

Location: Hamburg

Field of Expertise:
Bodywork, Therapeutic Flying and Coaching

Location: Berlin

Field of expertise:
Holistic Bodywork, Sexological Bodywork

Location: Basel (Switzerland)

Field of expertise:
Holistic Bodywork

Location: Online and Wendland

Field of Expertise: Bodywork and Coaching

Location: Online via TeleHealth

Field of expertise:
Trauma-Sensitive Coaching

Location: Berlin

Field of expertise:
Bodywork for women

Location: Dresden and Online

Field of expertise: Coaching