We are happy that you would like to register to one of our courses. To complete registration, please fill out the form below and send it to us. You will then receive an automatic email which includes the following steps to transfer payment. You will receive a booking confirmation once we have received your payment.

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    1. Registration through this form is binding. Your spot will be reserved for 3 days and can only be guaranteed after we have received your payment in full. We will then send you your payment and booking confirmation alongside all further material via email.
    2. In the case of “Retreats & Trainings” (s. Description of your course) you commit to the additional booking of room and board.
    3. In the case of cancellation from a participant; if the participant can provide a substitute for the course or if there are people on the waiting list, we charge a 25 Euro administrative fee and no further costs apply. If both are not provided, the following conditions apply:
    4. In the case of cancellation for any reason, the following amounts will be reimbursed:
      up to 12 weeks before the course 67% of the course fee
      12-6 before the course 33% of the course fee
      6-0 before the course 0% of the course fee
    5. In the case of cancellation you must hand in a written cancellation, otherwise reimbursement will not be carried out
    6. If course cancellation occurs, course participants are not entitled to reimbursement of any further costs (loss of earnings, travel & accommodation, etc.) Course fees that have already been paid will be reimbursed completely.
    7. Claims for damages against the organizer and the instructors are excluded. The liability for damages is limited to gross negligence and intent.
    8. Participants must take care of their own insurance coverage (accident, liability, etc.). The participant remains at the event site at their own risk.
    9. In the application of techniques, demonstrations and exercises, the participants are aware that and agree to perform these on other participants or clients at their own risk.
    10. By agreeing to our conditions, you accept that we will store and use your data to remain in touch with you regarding this course.