Releasing Fascia & Emotions

using Bodywork, Yoga & Coaching

Introduction to the Holistic Bodywork Training 2021/2022

14. - 16. Mai 2021
Holistic Bodywork Ausbildungszentrum - Clenze (zwischen Berlin, Hamburg & Hannover)

We want to support people to understand the connection between postural, tension & emotional patterns to sustainably transform them.
This course is especially for humans who work with humans. We will teach holistic treatment approaches that connect Yoga, Bodywork, Trauma-Therapy and Coaching. It offers an introduction into the work with Developmental Trauma and the Holistic Bodywork Approach.
Questions this course will cover:
  • Why do many postures and patterns return even after we worked with them?
  • How are emotional topics and trauma connected in the body, especially fascia?
  • How can we work with beliefs using movement and the body?
  • How do postures change when patterns release on different levels of our being?
  • How can we be with charge and emotions in Yoga and Bodywork?
A holistic approach to understanding the deeper connection between energy lines, posture, tension on the one hand and emotions and beliefs on the other hand. We will also explore how to recognise these connections in clients and how to treat them holistically and sustainably:
  • understand the interconnectivity between myo-fascial trains, energy lines (Sen Lines, Nadis) and emotions
  • explore when movements like backbends or forward folds are helpful and when they just reinforce and strengthen old habits and patterns
  • learn hands-on techniques from Thai-massage and Osteopathy to precisely work with posture and tension patterns
  • practice communication & coaching tools to recognise, question and release beliefs and emotional patterns
  • experience energetic and meditative approaches to perceive yourself and others more fully and bring transformation into your daily life
This course is for everybody who is looking for holistic perspectives for the growth and treatment of body, emotions and personality.
It can be especially interesting for yoga-practitioners and -teachers, Coaches and (Trauma-) Therapists, because we are connecting many tools from these different traditions.

Practical Information

This course can be booked by itself and serves as an introduction into year 2 of our training with an emphasis on “Developmental Trauma in Bodywork”

Team: Pascal Beaumart & the Team


Fr. 14.05.2021: 18:30 – 21:30 Uhr
Sa. 15.05.2021: 07:30 – 19:00 Uhr
So. 16.05.2021: 07:30 – 16:00 Uhr


Seminarhof Drawehn
Im alten Rundling 13
29459 Clenze OT Kassau


PRICE including pre-course preparation materials and handouts.

Early Bird: 235€ till 07.03.2021
Lazy Bird: 265€ till 11.04.2021
Normalpreis: 295€ from 12.04.2021


Food & Accommodation costs are not included in the course price and are to be paid at the venue, in cash, upon arrival.

Prices start at 52,50€/day in Dorms,  62,50€/day for double rooms and 82,50€/day for single rooms.
  • These courses been fully booked 3 times and that the number of participants is limited this time, too.
  • The course is in German, with English translation upon request.
  • This course is an introductory course to the Holistic Bodywork Training 2020/2021.



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