Holistic Bodywork Training Centre

Since 2018 Holistic-Bodywork has its own training centre and home in the Wendland:

Seminarhof Drawehn.

We are establishing a base for cutting-edge, holistic bodywork and therapy in this unique atmosphere  – with our own trainings and experts from different areas of expertise. 

It is located here:

Seminarhof Drawehn
Im alten Rundling 13
29459 Clenze OT Kassau

Home for our Trainings

Our trainings and courses now have a main venue in our own training center. We thoroughly enjoy teaching in our circular workshop space, incredible food and lots of free space.

Venue for Experts

Seminarhof Drawehn is a venue for international experts of various specialties: From Bodywork to Psychotherapy and Spiritual Teachers. 

We are looking forward to inspiring and crosspollinating exchanges with all of these experts. 

Home for Community

This center is a heart-project that is being built with lots of helpers and supporters. We invest a lot of work and love into this center and are very happy to slowly watch a community growing here.