What is Alignment?

Let’s get technical for a moment: Alignment is the form in which things are lined up to most effectively do something.
In alignment everything within me and in relationship to what I am interacting with is organized so that it serves my task.

We most often think about this in physical terms: If you want to lift a large box, you organize your body parts to do so most effectively and you hold onto the box where you can lift it most easily. If you don’t do that you might hurt yourself.

Another example is aligning the lenses of a microscope to create the clearest picture.

Alignment is the state where everything is positioned so that I can do what I want – and aligning the constant activity of finding that state.



Most approaches look at alignment only from one perspective: The alignment of the body in physical therapy, the alignment of purpose and action in Coaching…

In Holistic Bodywork we work on the basis that EACH LAYER of our Being has its own alignment and that all of these layers constantly influence each other. Let’s look at some perspectives and interrelations:

  • At the structural level it is for example the position of our hip joint which is influencing our posture.
  • Energetically this is influencing our position/ „standing“ in life – how we are connected/ aligned between heaven & earth.
  • In correlation to our thoughts this is how we make our way through life by the decisions we make.
  • As well as our thoughts are influencing our feelings & emotions, so is our posture.

In a nutshell:

If you are emotionally not aligned (centered & grounded) you cannot be fully aligned in your body. And if you are not aligned within your body, you will not be able to follow your purpose as easily.

How do you know you are aligned emotionally?
And how does it feel when you are not?