Sessions with Anita Wagner

What do I offer: Online Holistic-Bodywork/Coaching Sessions
Where: in Osnabrück, Augsburg or Online

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Sessions with me

My offer is aimed at people who

  • find themselves again and again in the same pattern and wish to change it.
  • wish to notice their own needs and feelings in a more profound way. 
  • want to experience and feel their body in new ways. 
  • want to explore their personal challenges and find a way to tackle them.
  • wish for more ease in their lives.   

I am most touched by moments, where people gain new insights about themselves. Therefore it’s quite important to me to offer a safe environment in my sessions, so that with the help of curiosity new perspectives are able to unfold. This could be a perspective that gives access to a new thought or feeling or a perspective from which you can dive deeper into your consciousness. I would be delighted to share my passion with you. 

Background for my work

  • B.Sc in Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University
  • since 2016: diverse Thai-Massage courses (both attending & leading)
  • since 2017: Holistic Bodywork Training
  • Student Initiative Sense the Touch – Touch the Sense (Foundation, Management, Guidance)
  • Unfolding Self Course with Lucas Forstmeyer
  • Thanatology & Integrated Cranial Biodynamics with Rosemary Wallace

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