Holistic Bodywork Training: Year 2

Support your Clients on their journey towards being-whole:

  • Recognize the causes behind the physical, emotional and relational problems of your clients. 
  • Enable them to have healing experiences.
  • So that they can return to them-Selves more and sustainably change resolve their problems. 

The second year of the training builds on the foundation laid in year 1 and deepens it.

We still orient towards the same topics:

With new focus in each area:


  • Train your perception to perceive unconscious tension, movement and protective patterns. 

  • Grasp the source of these patterns – physically, emotionally, energetically and biographically. 

  • Use precise techniques to work with the most important physical blocks and resolve these sustainably. 

  • In muscles, fascia and organs – but also the more subtle energetic body. 

  • To support physical wholeness from the bones all the way into the cells.

Coaching &

  • Learn to recognice old beliefs and patterns that restrict your client in their life. 

  • Understand the important role this pattern played in your clients life, even if it is creating problems nowadays. 

  • Practice confronting these old beliefs to create new perspectives and actions. 

  • Utilising compassionate questions but also clear interventions. 

  • So that clients can experience themselves and the world more real – without the old filters. 

Up to date

  • Expand your sensibility for the unconscious Core-Conflicts and Wounds your clients are carrying with them. 

  • Understand, how these core conflicts and survival strategies create a large portion of the suffering in your client’s life. 

  • Support people to have new, nourishing experiences beyond these structures. 

  • Through Bodywork, Coaching and most importantly real human connection. 

  • So that your clients can be fully human – connected to themselves and others in the Now. 


  • Deepen your own connection to something bigger – and explore the things that get in the way of you experiencing that connection. 

  • Become aware of the interconnectivity of body, psyche and your True Being, including the reasons why they are often split. 

  • Live and treat from a growing sense of embodiment of your True Being. 

  • Get more subtle in your access to essence inside yourself and others.  

  • So that you realise your own potential in every cell and into the world – as a godlike animal. 

Every one of these areas allows us
to accompany our clients towards wholeness in new ways. 

We learn to orient our touch, conversation and being towards something new:
Towards the conflicts that stop our clients from relaxing, feeling safe and finding new ways of being with the problems in their life. 

So that when we can support them with loosening these structures and maybe dissolve them completely, the client can find a totally new way of being with their old problems. 

What will you learn?


  • Precise techniques derived from Cranio-Sacral, Osteopathy, Chi Nei Tsang und Body-Psychotherapies.

  • Criteria, to recognize protective postures, survival structures and core-conflicts in the body 

  • Holistic approaches to working with energy flow, trauma and complex tension patterns

  • Individual exercises for yourself and your clients to sustainably anchor change in the body. 


  • To create a setting in the first consultation in which a client can be fully on board with the session

  • Possibilities for listening that reveal the inner world and challenges of the client to you 

  • Precise questions and interventions to question patterns and beliefs without confronting the client as a person 

  • Treatment approaches from classical Coaching and modern Psychotherapy. 


  • The knowledge about the 5 biologically-based survival strategies and how they create most of the problems clients come with 

  • Possibilities to recognize these structures quickly – in the body, language and wishes of the clients coming to you 

  • Approaches, to create a safe therapeutic relationship in which you can together work on these structures

  • And therapeutic techniques, to work with the deep identifications and emotional charge of Developmeantal Trauma – using touch and talk.  


  • A theory about the connection of Body, Psyche and Being – and how Developmental Trauma influences and disturbs this connection 

  • Multiple body-based Meditation techniques to explore and embody essential states 

  • Treatment approaches based on your state of being and essential qualities  

  • Discernment to perceive the state of your clients more precisely and with less disturbance. 

Who can join this training? 

Until now we offer the second year (almost) exclusively to people who have finished year 1 of the training.

The base of skills, knowledge and practice laid in the first year is so important, that it is almost impossible to teach the breadth of material covered in year 2 without it.

Should you still be interested in the topics of the second year, please contact us. We did make a few exceptions for people who were very trained in other approaches.

The dates for the next year 2:

  • 6. Module: 18.-23. November 2020
  • 7. Module: 31.3.-05. April 2021
  • 8. Module: 17.-22. August 2021
  • 9. Module: 11.-16. November 2021
  • 10. Module: 23.-28. February 2022

7:30 – 8:45 Morning – Movement

8:45 – 9:45 Breakfast

10:00 – 13:45 Morning – Session

13:45 – 14:45 Lunch

15:00 – 15:15 Dance

15:15 – 18:30 Afternoon – Session

18:45 – 19:30 Dinner

ab 20:00 open evening
(Pracitce, Demo-Sessions, AcroYoga, Dance, Talks, Sauna …)

Location: Holistic Bodywork Ausbildungszentrum, Seminarhof Drawehn, in Wendland (between Berlin, Hamburg & Hannover)

Food & Accommodation: Our vegetarian-vegan based meals are prepared with love and adapted to our wishes and needs. Please note that this is paid separately and directly at the venue.

Prices per person, per day according to the following options:

Food & Accommodation starting from 50€/night in dormitories, 60€/night in Double Rooms and 80€/night in Single Rooms.

Each module consists of 5 days and costs will be paid directly at the venue.


Schedule a call with Pascal to answer your questions.