Holistic Bodywork Sessions, Courses and Trainings

It is of great importance to me to perceive bodies and people as fully as possible and therefore, to be able to support healing on all levels.

The basis of my work is to connect deep, cutting edge scientific knowledge regarding the physical, mental and psycho-emotional levels, with the ancient wisdom of alternative healing methods, especially their insights into energetic and spiritual levels.

My work consists of tools and techniques found in Thai Massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and trauma therapy approaches (among other methods). But it also goes way beyond just the use of tools.

For me, it is also imperative to create a space and awareness in which health, healing and being whole is the normal state. A state in which body, mind and soul can unfold into their fullest potential.

What is Holistic Bodywork?

Who is this training for?

About Pascal Beaumart

“Training with Pascal Beaumart and the Holistic Bodywork Approach has deeply enriched both my personal life and professional practice.
I work as a professional Coach, working on freeing people from childhood patterns and deepening self realization. And the deep insights into the interplay between emotions, trauma and the body have greatly deepened the work I can facilitate.
My Sessions have become more grounded, simple and at the same time much more impactful. That makes my work easier and more powerful.
At the same time my personal life has gotten more colorful and enjoyable. I am more relaxed, have much-increased resiliency and quite frankly much more pleasure.

I now much deeper understand what Pascal means by: Enjoy embodied being!”

“So far, I have only participated in the 5-day introduction to Pascal’s 1-year training but I am already convinced and a fan of his work. Pascal has a wide-ranging and at the same time in-depth knowledge of many diverse topics (anatomy, massage techniques, psycho- & traumatherapy, …) and he knows how to pass on his knowledge in a fun and comprehensible manner. AND he knows how to connect these diverse topics holistically! Truly a rare set of abilities and talents. On top of it all, Pascal always stays in touch with his students and their needs at any given moment.

Bottom line: I couldn’t recommend Pascal more, if you’re even remotely interested in well-being, massage, personal growth, holistic therapy etc.”

“Very high quality information for my development as a body therapist. I loved the peace transmitted during the theoretical and practical lessons. With no doubt I would recommend any workshop with Pascal. So thankful!”
“This training speaks to me in many ways: the sound scientific basis for the technique, the consideration and incorporation of several traditional methodologies, the truly holistic way of connecting as human beings, awareness of trauma and the nervous system and Pascal’s flair, incredible knowledge and obvious passion and love for what he does.

Having done the intro I know that the training will be challenging, enriching and a path of growth for me – as a person and a practitioner.


“Not only have these courses changed my inner and outer worlds, to a more enriching and fulfilling life – but also my relationship to myself and with others. Drawing in authenticity and beauty to all the fine subtleties of connection and relating. So grateful to be sharing this journey with you Pascal.”
“I don’t plan to become a massage therapist – this workshop gives me another perspective to understand the human being. It’s an honour to learn from one of europeans best teachers for bodywork: Pascal Beaumart. Pascal has an amazing understanding of the relation of body, mind and emotions. Touch is an own universe.

Touch can be a healing art, an act of love, violence, connection, self exploration and a form of communication.”

“Do these trainings if you want to learn and grow. Mentally but also way beyond.

The perspectives, experiences and the pure presence of the trainings I have done in Holistic Bodywork have changed and ridiculously deepened my approach towards touching others.

And they are influencing my every view on growth, life and working with people on any level.

VERY, VERY highly recommended.”

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