Meet the Team

We co-create the trainings and courses as a team. And personally support you on your journey.

Here you can learn more about us and our backgrounds.

- Founder of Holistic Bodywork -

“It is of great importance to me to perceive bodies and people as fully as possible and therefore, to be able to support healing on all levels.“

The basis of my work is to connect deep, cutting edge scientific knowledge regarding the physical, mental and psycho-emotional levels, with the ancient wisdom of alternative healing methods, especially their insights into energetic and spiritual levels.

My work consists of tools and techniques found in Thai Massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and trauma therapy approaches (among other methods). But it also goes way beyond just the use of tools.

For me, it is also imperative to create a space and awareness in which health, healing and being whole is the normal state. A state in which body, mind and soul can unfold into their fullest potential.

Assistant Team

The people that have been working on the development and refinement of Holistic Bodywork for years.

Lucas works with Coaching & Circling and his experiences from spiritual retreats supports Holistic Bodywork with HandsOff aspects

meets you with joy and depth of feeling in yoga, in holistic physiotherapy and sometimes very playful in acro yoga

Especially likes to talk about psychomotricity – the relationship between the body and emotional needs and she enriches us with soulful singing.

Together with Hannes, find a haven of tranquillity to pause in order to get into your own movement from there.

begleitet die Ausbildungen mit seinem Know-how aus Physiotherapie und Ostheopathie und füllt mit viel Liebe zum Detail unseren Instagram Account.

Meine Neugierde und innewohnendes Interesse am Menschen und dessen Körper treiben mich an. Ich möchte verstehen, wie unsere Struktur, Psyche und unser Wesen zusammenhängen.  

The growing Team

Holistic Bodywork is a young and modern approach. We grow into the world more deeply every year.

These are people who have studied and grown with us for years. And they are bringing Holistic Bodywork into the world through sessions and workshops.

Für mich liegt momentan die Faszination darin zu erforschen, was es bedeutet ganz Mensch zu sein.

embarks on a journey of discovery, sometimes dancing, sometimes playful and always with all her heart: in body work, in groups and for sustainable protection of the environment …

… Menschen nicht durch mein Erleben und meine Erfahrungen zu führen, sondern gemeinsam zu erforschen, was sie auf ihre ganz individuelle Art ihren Wünschen näher bringt… 

enriches our training as an assistant with his calm and humorous manner. With his 10 years of experience as a Thai masseur and yoga teacher …


Every body is a sacred temple. Through this perspective I feel connected in a special way with the people who come to me and with the thousands of years old traditional healing methods of Thai yoga and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage.


The enthusiasm for being alive is my greatest source of strength. I want to be a living inspiration and companion on the way to more connection to our true selves, to each other and to the elementary forces of the earth, of which we are part

Ich habe gelernt, mit meiner Sensibilität zu leben. Die Vorteile in Beziehungen zu erleben und gleichzeitig nicht mehr alles anzunehmen, was andere mir entgegenwerfen. Das will ich weitergeben.

More about Jana coming soon.

HP Katrin 2-101

What drives me at the core is an irrepressible curiosity and love for life, a fascination for the wonders and puzzles of being human. I want to understand the world in and around me and help shape it in a positive way


More about Mareen coming soon.


More about Maren coming soon.

HP Nicolas-101

I am always fascinated by all these crazy things that human brains can come up with and believe in for years.

„In Herzensverbindungen
klingt für uns die Melodie des Lebens,
vereint mit Freude an der Sonne,
herzhaftem Lachen und
lebhafter Fröhlichkeit.“

More about Susanne coming soon.

Ulrike Hübner

Ich weiß aus persönlicher Erfahrung, wie schwierig es sein kann, mit sich selbst präsent zu sein und kenne aber auch die Belohnung und Schönheit, wenn es gelingt.